Office 365 End User Training

Train your users on Office 365 with a subscription to our online video portal, with thousands of one-minute videos showing you how to do everything and anything on Office 365, Windows 10 and Azure. As well as our A.I. bot that sits in your internet browser, for on the go training.

We even have even created Learning Paths to guide users through the content, so they make the most of the portal.

365 Cloud Academy Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to a video portal.
  • Dedicated and branded personal portals available
  • Portals contain:
    • 1000’s of Hints & Tips, minute long ‘How to’ videos on Office 365
    • Recommended learning path structures for each channel
  • A.I. Bot contains:
    • 1000’s of 10-15 second long versions of our Hints & Tips videos
    • Playlists around Accessibility features for inclusive training
  • Weekly emails of video of the week to make sure your staff make the most of the training


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365 Cloud Academy Video Portal

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Individual User Dashboard

Video Examples

Portal Video Example

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